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Contact: Kuby
Mobile: +0086-18675551970
Tel: 0086-0755-89397582
QQ: 2263516753
Wechat/ Whatsapp: +86-18675551970
Skype: kuby.bway
MSN: BW-automobile@hotmail.com
E-mail: kuby@szbway.com

Contact: Ivy
Mobile: +86-18666487518
Skype: ivy-bway
MSN: Bway-Ivy@hotmail.com
E-mail: ivy@szbway.com

Technical Support E-mail : jack@szbway.com
Mobile: +86-15919957782
Wechat/ whatsapp: +86-15919957782
About us
Shenzhen Bway Electronics Co., Ltd is a professional independent high-tech enterprise, specializing in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of automotive GPS navigation audio system. With various types of technical expertise and staff, the company has formed a professional experienced technical team and well-trained ...